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The Original Mangosteen Soap

A ripe mangosteen fruit
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Utara Soap Mangosteen
Mangosteen, Fruit on the Tree
    Mangosteen, also known as 'The Queen of Fruit', is a superfruit that contains a rich nutrient base. Mangosteen has been prized throughout Southeast Asia for centuries for its many medicinal uses. The pericarp, or rind, contains high amounts of antioxidants and xanthones which are strong free radical fighters.This superfruit has proved to be naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial.  Many customers use this soap to relieve or completely eliminate acne and eczema.  It will also help to heal rashes, small wounds, and other skin conditions.
    The Mangosteen in this soap is grown on the garden island of Kauai on our family farm. Each fruit is harvested by hand and then I process it with the intent to heal and protect your skin. I use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil as a moisturizing base. For scent I add a wonderful blend of essential oils that are known for their positive effects on the skin. This is a cold process soap, which means that it will retain all the natural glycerin for extra moisturizing. This soap is free of any toxins, so it is safe for even the smallest members of the family. I hope you will enjoy your Utara Mangosteen Soap!

Fruit on the tree

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